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                “RAM RAKHE AENE KON CHAKHE” very popular quote in Gujarati it means, if God wants to help a person no one can touch them. Remember that god is everywhere, remember that wonderful fine where there is will there is a way a very popular quote which come across in daily lives. It means never stop believing in god and hone because miracles happened every days. People should remember that if every day is a god gift. We would like to mention some of great sentence told by successful file like Mahatma Gandhi and Stephen hawking on god. Ones person from media asked Mahatma Gandhi that what is the think that make you that much successful person, he replied that “My strong believe in God, what he does is always right for me and for everyone” and one’s someone asked to Stephen hawking that do you believe in god, He replied that “I strongly believe that Big Bang never happened without reason, I believe that there is a spiritual power behind it”. As everyone knows that there a common hobbit were found is successful peoples is that they all believe in god. May writer are mentioned the same in his book like ‘Seven habits of successful people ’. Spiritual whatsapp status video will help you get peace in your life.

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                My motto to create that page is to provide you best available spiritual video status for whatsapp for you. Here you can find huge collection of Arti, Spiritual songs with quotes, meditation video, yoga video status, spiritual short speeches given by successful people. We also try to add some Sanskrit slokas, Slokas from ved of Indian culture and some dialogue and conversion between historical character from different movie and tv serials, Spiritual video status for whatsapp download is absolute free in my website. If you are looking for some special clips you may go to search menu and type your word you will get your song.

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