Lunching Of World Cheapest Smart TV just at Rs.4999

World’s Cheapest TV: Need Support to Buy


New delhi date. 31: Under Make in India and Startup India, the country’s company has launched the world’s cheapest Android smart TV. The price of this TV is only 5 thousand rupees. This TV will have all the features available which are available in expensive smart TVs too.

Besides, special features such as Screen Mersami Informatics have launched the world’s smartest Smart LED TV, which is priced at Rs 4,999. In this TV, the company has given an Android operating system, which is usually available in smart TVs.

This 32-inch cheap TV will be made in the country only. In this TV, the company is also offering 3 years warranty. Inbuilt Wi-Fi will be featured. In this TV, the company is offering 10-watt speakers with Samsung and LG Panels. 4.4 Android OS has been given in the TV. On TV, apps like Facebook will already be installed, as well as an option to install the app separately. The TV has 4 GB of RAM and 512 MB of storage. With the TV, the company will also provide warranty and on site service.

Semi Informatics Director Avinash Mehta said that the Wi-Fi hotspot will also feature a Santa Blaster feature in the TV. He said this technology will improve the sound quality.

The TV also has 2 HDMI ports and two USB ports. He said that the game can be enjoyed even in this TV. He said this TV can be purchased by downloading a semi application on the Google Play store. Its freely availbale

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